Sound Sticker

EAN: 081610801006
Use your WiFi, Echo or Pulse smartpen with Livescribe Sounds Stickers for recording and playing back audio notes. Enhance any project with your own recorded audio: (Achtung: NICHT für Livescribe 3)
  • Make interactive flash cards, study guides, and talking books.
  • Record audio instructions or fluency assessments.
  • Create annotated art projects and oral reports.




To purchase the stickers, click Add to Cart to purchase it online. You can also order by purchase order or through your sales rep. If you already have the stickers, click Redeem under My Shopping Cart to download and install the app onto your smartpen.

This product requires smartpen firmware version 2.7 or later. Dock your smartpen to download & install the latest software.

Livescribe Sound Stickers let you quickly and easily record and playback audio. Record your own audio, then simply tap a sticker for playback.
  • 1,000 re-recordable audio stickers (3/4” diameter stickers)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smartpen app download code
  • Smartpen stylus for tapping stickers without marking them
  • Compatible with Echo and Pulse smartpens only

Please see Livescribe Sound Stickers App on how to use the app


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