Banking & Luxury Cards Solutions



 New ideas help to further evolve the cards business.  

 Classical Visa & MasterCard Payment Solutions:

- We offer the full portfolio of EMV Chip based VISA, MasterCard cards
   with our certified card manufacturer partners accross the world. 

- Classical Payment cards

- Personalization Solution & Services

- EMV Chip Modules

- Mobile Payment Solutions

 Luxury Cards:  (Loyalty, VISA, MasterCard)

 We are specialist in embedding Juwellery like Swarovski stones or true Diamonds
 in cards bodies for EMV banking cards as well as for Loyalty Cards.

 Not only we do offer our solutions directly to banks, but leading card manufacturers
 are working together with us to offer you cards with embedded jewellery.

 A team of worldclass experts in design, arts and jewellery will be working with you to complete your
 unique VIP - Luxury Cards projects.

 We will help you to manage your complete luxury cards project.

 Our embedding solutions have been fully tested and approved by VISA & MasterCard with
 select card manufacturers

 EMV Chip Solutions & Personalization Solutions:

 We offer one of the most complete and flexible EMV Chip portfolios and supply best quality cards and services. 
 Together with our network of certified card manufacturing partners we guarantee not only Swiss quality, but also
price / performance across the world! 

 We will be glad to discuss your needs and projects,

 Looking forward to hearing from you

 Sincerly yours,  

 Moritz Wittwer, CEO IntelliShop GmbH

 Tel.: +41 62 873 43 23 Mob: +41 79 253 43 66